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Leicester, Massachusetts



      Twenty five men who were natives of Leicester or later became residents of Leicester are known to have been held as Prisoner of War. There are four men of Leicester that were listed as missing in action or were killed in action and their bodies were not recovered.

   The military's Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command (JPAC), based at Hickam AFB in Hawaii, is tasked with recovering and identifying America's missing service men and women. Their main concentration is from World War II, the Cold War, Korea, and Vietnam, with an occasional rare case from World War I being investigated. On average JPAC indentifies the remains of six missing servicemen per month.

   From World War II there are over 78,000 men and women listed as missing in action. 35,000 of these servicemen being deemed recoverable, the rest being lost at sea or entombed in sunken vessels. 

   From the Korean War there are over 8,100 servicemen listed as missing. Of these there are actually 1488 missing in action and 1095 killed in action/body not recovered for a total of 2583. Included in the 8,100 are over 800 men buried at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific in Hawaii in graves marked "Unknown". The rest are men who were killed in action and buried in temporary battlefield graves in North Korea that were abandoned when Communist Chinese forces drove the American and United Nation forces south.

   From the Vietnam War there were orginally 2646 missing in action. Of these 468 were lost at sea and are deemed unrecoverable. Through recovery efforts the number now still missing is about 1,800.

    From the Cold War there are 126 servicemen listed as missing. Most of these men are airmen who went missing on missions over or near the coast of the Soviet Union and other Communist countries. 

   There is one serviceman listed as missing from the Gulf War.

   This list of Leicester servicemen is as complete as is known. If anyone has any information on these or other servicemen not listed you may contact us at paddyocv580@cs.com  Refer to this website.


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POW/MIA  pages were written by Cherry Valley Native and Marine Corps Veteran Patrick McKeon and are the result of many years of  painstaking research. Thank you Patrick and WELL DONE!!!!

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